Everyone needs direction


Clarity is what you need when you can't see the wood for the trees.


You have a great idea. You may have even started on the road to making it happen. However you struggle to keep it going.

You keep jumping back and forth. Who should it be aimed at? How it should be presented? Is it funny or serious? Casual or professional? And what is the real problem it’s supposed to be solving?

There is a way you can have clarity on all these key issues and more. Developed by a team with a combined 25 years plus, working within graphic design, typography, web design and events industries, Clarity for Creatives does just that: it helps you step up for a better view; to raise your game; to get serious about making your idea a successful reality.

How do we do it?

We have found four key areas stopping you from communicating your ideas clearly with a designer, web designer, and if you’re already running your venture, even your clients.

These are, Vision, Values,  Personality and  Audience.

  1. Vision to give clear direction.
  2. Values to inform how you do what you do.
  3. Personality to confirm your communication style.
  4. Audience to know who you’re talking to.

Having clarity on these four areas will help you move forwards with confidence to take the next steps in starting your business or restructuring an existing one. You will gain clarity allowing you to successfully have your visual identity and logo designed, your website built and to communicate what you do and why you do it to potential customers. Want to know more?


Who is it for?

We've run clarity with a range of individuals and small businesses including, photographers, musicians, designers, coaches, film makers, jewellery makers, illustrators and entrepreneurs (–for that, read 'people with multiple ideas on the go'). Here's a few characters to give some clarity.


Sharon has been running her coaching business for several years. For a while now, she's been feeling something's not quite right.

Many of her clients just don't seem a good fit anymore. She ponders a change of direction but is not sure what.

Sharon could do with a bit of clarity.


Tamar has spent too much money commissioning a logo and website for her new business. She is still not happy with the results.

She actually feels sorry for her designers as she knows it's her who keeps changing her mind. 

Tamar could do with a bit of clarity.


Brian has been working as a web designer for several years. Now, however he has an itch.

He's always wanted to set up a photography business but is not sure who he should aim at and where he should position himself.

Brian could do with a bit of clarity.


What's your story?

Who is it not for?

Clarity won't suit everyone. We're more about the small business and individual creative. So large organisations –it's not that we don't like you. We do. But we won't be a good fit. There are many other tools and systems better placed for that.

For people who are purely driven by money, we're not for you either. We know our values and that's a mismatch.

We're currently focused on what we know -which is small creative businesses excited to make a difference. We may expand in future, but the future's not now.

Someone likes us...


Are you ready for Clarity?